Science Is The Enemy Of God

Science Is The Enemy Of God:

Saint Paul rightly said that science is the enemy of God and all things Christian.

I have never heard a scientist get something right yet.

So often when things do go right, they claim responsibility for the discovery, when in fact it was engineering technology that created it. Nothing to do with them at all.

They truly are the most useless breed of people on the planet.

They even ‘discover’ drugs that kill, and then collect £££££ millions to find a cure. That is how much interest they take in you. None. Really think a doctor gives a damn about you?

Now they have created a dead hero* to further their cancer research claims, when in fact all you have to do is ignore them completely and read Leviticus Chapters 13 -15, and realise that God was correct when he said all skin disease and internal growths are leprosy. A plant growth from mildew or lichen that grows on skin and roots on the blood cells.

Still they sit on their prescription pads and deny that anti biotics will cure cancer.

Why am I going over all this again?

Because of this new takeover bid by an American drug company. I don’t know who, or which, but someone is trying desperately to cover things up to continue killing you.

I have visions of pseudo anti biotics appearing on supermarket shelves soon, which will do no good at all, but cost you plenty. Is it just time to produce such phony drugs they are buying with this take over business? The drugs are readily available except in the BBC run UK.

Give caring gardeners a few £million, and they’ll find a cure. (Joke, but probably true)

The cure is written plainly in Leviticus. Hyssop tea with a tea spoonful of vinegar. Hyssop being available anywhere on earth except Britain.

Soon enough, I suppose, we’ll have the tree of life.

*They killed him for the purpose. An evil trick they pull time and time again.


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