Tolerance Delivers Pure Evil

Tolerance Delivers Pure Evil:

There is an almighty difference between tolerance and condemnation.

Condemning is not illegal. Not under God’s law, or the laws of any sensible nation  that basis it’s laws on the Holy scriptures. Condemning is legal.

Tolerance however is the exact opposite. It is illegal. It was the lawlessness of Nazi Germany for example. They killed everyone who did not agree with their barbarian lifestyle. You had to tolerate evil or be condemned yourself. It was their law. The armies that fought them, and won, rightly condemned them.

Europe and the west have now become the Nazi Third Reich. An evil of evil tolerance at the expense of decent lives we should not tolerate, but condemn by law.

Now we have poofs threatening to put Christians to death for condemning them again. Their reply every time is,

“I have no religion, and think religious people should be killed.”

Yes. To save themselves. I myself would not be ill if God’s laws were applied. They tolerate only evil.

Tolerance then has bred the very evil that the Bible calls the “transgressors come to the full,” as they have. Tolerance is obviously aiding and abetting crime.

Keeping law then is condemning the very transgressors who are them who would tolerate no religion, and kill to keep their freedoms. It would only take the lawful hanging of one to stop the others.

We must condemn, as legally correct, and never tolerate.


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