Why Giving To Cancer Research Is NOT Charity

Why Giving To Cancer Research Is NOT Charity:

Reuters News Agency. “Pfizer abandoned its attempt to buy AstraZeneca for nearly 70 billion pounds on Monday as a deadline approached without a last-minute change of heart by the British drugmaker.”

AstraZeneca claim they are worth at least three times that. Pfizer were offering their loose change.

This is where your money goes if you raise money for cancer research. If you could earn that much from illness, would you be silly enough to find a cure?

Only I would be that daft.

Now stop this nonsense and give the money to a single Church for distribution as proper charity.

Instant cure = Round those company bosses up, and hang them. Never go thinking that they are not premeditated murderers of the first degree.

Note: I give to charity.

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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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