Why Babylon Must Die

You’ll notice the pictures are out of focus. From the time I put pictures they don’t want you to see into the P.C. they lock me out, and put the pictures out of focus. This camera does NOT take out of focus pictures. It even looks as if there are six strings, which is impossible, (Unless they retook the pictures with another camera in my home) because I have the two broken one’s in my pocket.

Useless Guitar (3)Useless Guitar (2)Useless Guitar (1)Useless GuitarWhy Babylon Must Die:

I purchased this guitar from Nickle ‘n’ Dime High Street, Elgin Yesterday. Not meant to be played. They’ll take your money and give you nothing.

This is what I get from Elgin Library. Sweet F*ck all.

It appears to people watching that I get to use facilities, but in fact they only allow what they want to allow.

It’s like the guitar. people saw me with a new guitar yesterday, but it was never meant to be played.

 I’d ask for the muslim sh*t who sold it to me to be deported, but I’d be asking an other muslim sh*t to do it.

Note: Pretend music will die with Babylon.

I took this one with the phone



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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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