The Ten Kings Know Who They Are?

The Ten Kings Know Who They Are?:

The ten kings who will tear her claws in pieces already know who they are, if they have had one hour with BIG BIRD, the beast.

It makes beasts speak, but does oh so much more.

It causes havoc to God’s kingdom. It can fix any election, change world leaders at will, fix any sporting event, and make any individual do anything the operator wants. Cause crowd trouble, or prevent it, at will.

I think Bible John stole one from an Aberdeen hospital in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s? Nothing else could be keeping him out of jail. Maybe they didn’t look for it*. Thinking no one would understand it anyway? Just built another? The world of organised crime has more people, of more learning, than any other organisation. And money is no object. (There is no doubt they will have them)

On the subject of money. I see a news report that claims drug dealing and prostitution earn enough in Britain to pay every pensioner double what they get. I don’t remember the details, but it’s something along those lines. Never mind it being illegal. In Britain it’s only money that counts. Now where was I ?

Yes, the ten kings must surely be ten of the new leaders of the new kingdoms that were previously states of the old soviet union. It all fits, and it’s becoming obvious they rightly hate democracy. Democracy can only benefit criminals and poofs.

I remind you that “They shall have no kingdom as yet, but will receive power with the beast (Demonstration) for one hour. It is meant that they shall give their kingdom over to the whore until the prophecy’s of God are fulfilled, (Until he’s ready) but they shall hate the whore and tear her claws in pieces. (Eventually)”

I think at least part of that is now past tense, and done.

Are we ready to go God?

Note * I don’t know of one stolen.

And: I’ve just slept all weekend, and I’m still tired.


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