False Religions Stifle Their Children

False Religions Stifle Their Children:

“Suffer the little children to come unto me. (Christianity)” Yeshua Christ said.

We hear stories every day about people being put to death for being Christians.

I get told a lot on the net that I hate. I don’t hate. (Except that damned dragon) I preach what is common sense taken from the Bible.

There is only one God. He has a son, amongst other sons, who was born on earth, and who is to be king on earth soon. (The Messiah) (I too am a son of God – he says)

False Religions Stifle Their Children by forbidding them to become good Christians. Even talk of becoming Christians is enough to provoke the death penalty in many nations.

We must have a single Compulsory Christian Church by government law. Like any other law it will have to be a bidden by.

I commented on my google+ page that muslims will have to become as Jews through Christ, (As is written in the Bible) and was told I was full of hate. That person must hate God then, because it’s in his book, and will be him who applies it.

Let’s get one thing understood. Muhammad is DEAD. He was no good when he lived and he’s no good now. Forget him, and do what God wants.

Become Christians, and suffer your little children to become Christians.  Given the truth they would, but at present you forbid them in many false religion nations. I tell you the truth. God told you the truth. Yeshua told you the truth.

I could add: For Christ’s sake grow up, and face the facts. Your false religions are inferior to extreme.


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