The End Is Soooo Near

The End Is Soooo Near:

Will I live to see it? It will take a miracle.

Anyway it is about the only subject worth telling today.

Well maybe not quite.

Angelina Jolie has started talking about something we should all take seriously. Rape as a weapon of war goes back a long way, but rape as  a weapon for controlling society all over the world is just as harmful, and a lot more common.

However dealing with one is to deal with both, because the mentality behind it is what must be addressed.

Catholics, especially those who attend their Catholic schools, live in fear of death every day, because they know that if they were to speak about the rapes they suffer, they’d die.

It is the world of organised criminals means of keeping control of society.

Let’s face it, no sane man would rape. For them to rape for a criminal purpose such as control of society, or to rape for control of a war zone, which is exactly the same, they’d have to be of the devil’s kingdom.

Even they’d have to agree with that in public, but it’s not what happens in public for all to see that Angelina and I are concerned about. It’s what happens in secret.

Do you know that I think if a single Church, which would end the devil’s antics everywhere, were established now, even muslims would join it. White niggers will die, (With the mark) after five months of pain, during which time death will be kept from them. (Serves them right)

When Iraq sinks, and then Mecca, they certainly will have to. They have been the root cause of all those things since thousands of years B.C. I at least have understood, and you will also. Just hope you’re not too late, because , , , , , , The End Is Soooo Near.

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