Grant Lodge Use Idea

Grant Lodge Use Idea: (Not That I’m Biased)


Grant Lodge, Cooper Park, Elgin

Apparently Grant Lodge must be used as a Library, or local Heritage centre, if long expensive legal proceedings are not to be undertaken to change the terms and conditions laid out by Mr Cooper when he donated it.

I agree with Mr Cooper. In learning lies wisdom. In words and music lies teaching.

The local heritage centre downstairs, (It was before) and a semi commercial sound studio upstairs. Too often do gooders say something should not be profit making, and then it closes down for lack of money.

For the purpose of learning, teaching, but most important using for the good of Moray.

There is virtually no sound in a sound studio now. All the work is done on computers with headphones. With only the vocals and live instruments added later.

A quality sound booth (Free floor standing, because it’s a listed building) is all that’s required to keep the noise to nothing out with.

Qualified sound engineers could help produce music God would be proud of. People would soon learn. It’s easy with the right tools.

*Semi Commercial means, if you make money from using it, you donate towards the studio’s upkeep. It’s not much to ask.

It could mean the Council have a share in all the output instead. That is what I’d prefer.

Note: Grant Lodge was gutted by fire some years ago, and never been restored.


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