Bible John Is Now A Trained Killer

Bible John Is Now A Trained Killer:

As are probably his sons.

As muslims it is considered a duty to go on a terrorist course and become a trained subersive killer.

As a killer already Bible John would not necessarily have gone abroad. A few simple pointers on technique was all he needed.

I’m not going to elaborate on this, if you are prepared to allow them to inflict cancer, like they did on my legs, then you are foolish enough to die as fools.

Note though. There is such a thing as not being worth God’s time, and for that all the British probably will die. Of stupidity.

When Bible John killed a person in Aberdeen (Hospital corridor) I wondered why he did it so easily, and got away with it.

I notice the British government are beginning to see the extent of the training camps and their continuous use. I notice also that they are completely at a loss as to what to do about it. Too many white niggers coming up with lies to cover up. As with the schools for muslim children, and the school trips to mecca.

Start arresting, and bring back the death penalty to be dealt immediately after sentencing, or they will kill you.  

We know that Iraq and Kuwait must die. So kill them.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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