Now Our Governments Find They Don’t Govern

Now Our Governments Find They Don’t Govern:

Not only that, but they never have.

It is a fact that I was offered the chance to go to Afghanistan and train as a terrorist. (I think it was between the gulf wars?) It never dawned on me that my brother Bible John and his sons, and probably the rest of my family of siblings and nieces and nephews also went. Some before that. They’re always jetting off to some damned place on earth for a few months, but never tell where.

It is compulsory. They must go. I presume that nothing would happen if they refused. They’d just die. Probably of starvation from taking no part in trade and industry. muslim Doctors go as well, and they learn to kill with big smiles on their faces. All of them.

Now our western governments are finding out that all this has been going on for centuries, and they are completely at a loss as to what to do about it. (Destroy Iraq. Go on) Every time they open their mouths about it a white nigger or muslim says the opposite. (One muslim on radio 4 over the weekend told a guy he was wrong. Our laws didn’t come from Moses, they came from the muslim world. Presume she believes they gave Moses the laws as the Koran says) (They should have applied the law of Moses to muhammad and hung the thieving swine)  

Barack Obama cannot make his mind up bbc radio 4 said last night. It’s easy Barack. Gather together, even by video conference, all the learned Christians and Jews who know their Bible and their God, and they will tell you what to do.

What to do might be to wait and let them do it themselves. Just don’t let them out of the region.  

However: Be guided by the above persons from all over the Christian world. Let them take some of the responsibility they should have taken in the first place, but refused to on the grounds that they were too busy praying for people like Elton John.

God listens to me, because I work none stop for him.


Note: I want my lost camera back.


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