Turn A Different Corner

Turn A Different Corner:

How many people would have succeeded in life if they’d turned a different corner?

How many people would not have succeeded in life if they’d turned a different corner?

Colin Hendry would have been in the Aberdeen F.C. reserves until he lost heart and became a plumber if he’d not met me.

Lucy Irvine would be a secretery for people like British gas if she’d not answered an advert. (I’ve not met her in person)

The Monty Python team would have finished Uni. and become insurance salesmen if not for Spam.

My pal Yeshua Christ is good at pointing people in the correct direction using me. St. Peter as well.

Saint Peter and his brother Saint Andrew were helped along their own routes in life when they met Christ.

Met Christ. Yes I have met Christ, and Saint Peter, and others. I’ve also spoken with our heavenly father himself, ‘though not in person. He said “I hate the people who have hurt you Gordon.”

How many people have been helped along the correct route by meeting Christ? Maybe not in person as I have, but meeting him never the less.

“No man cometh unto the father, save by me.” He said.

Now about that football manager and his speech. It was the most important speech ever made since Christ’s sermon on the mount.

Who gave it? And what did he say? The survival of Britain depends on you finding out.  


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