What Went Wrong? The Report In Part:

What Went Wrong? The Report In Part:

I had a Compaq Presario 5446 desktop, which, in their own words, equates to 446. Not even 486. (About 120) It was a good internet computer, and I bought it from Curry’s in 1999.

I had Cubase software (Still have it) with which I made two albums. The lyrics of which are on this page.

For some reason I still do not understand, I could only hear parts of the drum tracks. That is until I tried the CD’s in other players.

Another problem was the speed. Too slow for purpose. Take a look at Cakewalk’s editor for audio Takes. The multiple takes are normal, but when several wave sounds were ‘joined’ on my computer, it couldn’t handle them. I could only do one audio track and mix. Cakewalk recommend minimum 2.4 GHz with at least 2 Gigabytes of memory.

Nothing then which a decent laptop can’t deal with now. However this is now. That was then. I had to break tracks down, just to store them.

Incidentally: That cakewalk editor for the audio Takes really is the business. Not as demonstrated below. Search for it on YouTube link below. The same could be done with my old system, but like they say it saves auditioning all the takes, then choosing the parts you want, and reassembling them.

Plus, audio requires masses of storage, and the parts you don’t use are still there, so the computer has to stop and start where you instruct it. Easy for 2.4 GHz and plus. Not so easy for the 5446. Clicks were a real problem, and meant going over many times to be rid of them.

Another problem was adding effects. I once set the computer to add reverb to a track and went outside to mow my grass. Came in when I’d done, and it still wasn’t finished. When it did it was no good and I reset it. (That was nothing to do with Cubase though. Another .wav editor)

I learned then, that the cleaner you make a track initially, and the less you have to do to it after, the better. That is one advantage of using a professional studio. They have it down to fine art. More or less straight off the deck is finished. However it is easy once you know how, and well worth learning. Again background noise is the worst offender. Keep your audio parts short, and fit them in any silence you can find, and you won’t need more than the laptop and a mic. I can put together an original track in a couple of hours, but I’d rather do the same with a modern laptop and new software.

There was a track on one of those albums called ‘Child Abuse’. I wish you could have heard it as I did. I don’t have any copies of them now, but someone, I’m sure could have run them through sound gates. Above my ability that. The sound would have had to go onto tape and then back to digital to avoid machines picking up the drum kit and playing it again.


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