Commonwealth Games TV Black Out

Commonwealth Games TV Black Out:

Good. The BBC are about to find out that they are not required in Britain. Never were.

Next subject: Shop keepers hide goods

If shopkeepers know you need something they phone around, and the next thing you realise is the cheaper goods are hidden and what is left has been upped in price.

Are they solely white niggers who do this?

I don’t know who they are, but they might need armed police to protect them from little old ladies now.

Next subject: Pluscarden Abbey – Paedophiles

Not just the Abbey. They have venues all over the place where the kids are taken for the adults to abuse. Women are just as guilty. All Abbeys are the same evil.

Next subject: Intranet Interference With My Music Files

Stop doing it. It is God’s music. You are deliberately helping poofs to further their paedophile lusts.

Note: I have never seen a poof yet who is not a paedophile. They say they are not until they are caught, but


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