Child Abuse .Midi

Child Abuse .Midi:

I deleted the .wav post and replaced it with this .midi. (It’s only 46 bytes)
.Midi works in Media player etc. with your SW Synth output. It’s much the same as the .midi file, but note; I can’t adjust the separate track volumes, appoint instruments etc. to the midi without Cubase or Cakewalk.
Even if I could, I couldn’t add the vocals.


All right I’ve had to break this link. Because by the time I got it working they had corrupted the file. That’s what I’m saying. It takes seconds to alter a .midi file if you have the music midi editors that the BBC have. Instead I’m going to tell you a story. See next blog. Abuse In UK Government

Child Abuse

Child abuse, is compiled abuse, and that wild abuse, is the same tomorrow, as today.
She returned one day to where she used to live.
Saw all those faces she’d come to forgive.
Many were silent. Others didn’t know.
Some of them died years ago.
They recalled just why, she didn’t want to live.
All those people, who dare not forgive.
Many smiled sweetly. Others never spoke.
Kid’s called her names, for a joke.
She cried that day, though her tears didn’t slide.
Seeing those places she used to hide.
Relief from the pain.
No warm feelings in the rain.
She lived that way, ’til her mind fell apart.
They treated her symptoms, but never her heart.
This is a story, time couldn’t heal.
So please listen now to my appeal.
Refrain (Spoken)
On the narrow road of life, it is our memories that keep us straight,
But if our past is all a lie, those memories can twist us ’til we die.

Why did I not do this on Saturday?

Library internet was down until my time was almost over.


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