Another Music Explanation

Another Music Explanation:

Right: For youngsters, middle ages, and older people.

A little explanation of the .midi music tracks. Note: It’s a very long time since I had those tracks in midi editing software, and I might never get it into proper software myself? The software I’m using does NOT have any audio facilities at all. Strictly .midi.

Firstly: Take a track such as ‘Faith’. No one could sing it at that tempo. I could adjust the tempo, but I have it set for the instrumental. Takes only a few seconds to adjust that.

Secondly: ‘I Have Walked’. The same applies, but the recorder, which is meant to be the sarcasm of the person who answered the phone originally, must be muted until the vocals are finished. Then chopped where the vocals are. I – might – move the chopped parts to another track, set them at the extreme of the pan, and reduce the volume. To have it play sarcastically in the background. A little artistic lisence is required doing that, to make the joins work. Again it is easy. Some singers do that with downloaded tracks. Others, the less experienced, don’t. They simply delete the lead. Depends on the track a lot as well.


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