The Two Kingdoms. God’s And Satan’s

The Two Kingdoms. God’s And Satan’s:

God’s kingdom consists entirely of one religion. Jews / Christians.

It is a fact that there are around twenty one thousand religions on planet earth at present.

Therefore Satan has at least over twenty thousand religions. That includes poofs, and organised criminals. I suspect he sits all day looking into what they are up to, and telepathically correcting them to his way of thinking, (By computer) which is simply any way to undo God’s kingdom. Work of a fool to be sure.

I’m getting suspicious of Graeme Clarke, who does nothing else.

He is either completely wasting his time, because other religions are not worth looking into, or he’s the devil himself?

However that is not going to help Lucifer at the end of the day. I suspect he already knows that he faces the bottomless pit, and oblivion thereafter. If you are not in God’s kingdom then you are in Satan’s, and a hopeless situation.


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