Another Music Lesson For My Younger Readers

Another Music Lesson For My Younger Readers:

First let me say that the software I’m using, limited before, has become corrupted. Never allow a W. Kerr with a camera to photo your screen when using a sensitive program. It’s little wonder he’s voting NO.

Anyway: One of the things the software couldn’t do anyway is copy a part and drag it to another track and play it as original. Cakewalk / Cubase it’s as simple as it is to move text in word. My software you can’t allocate another instrument. If you try, it affects the original because it retains the copy info. The truth is that if the tracks did not already exist they could never be made in this rubbish. Even now I’m terrified that the false keys it now displays, thanks to W. and Co.  is going to somehow permanently corrupt the files.

This is what they do for fun in white nigger land Scotland.

However: If you can. You could ,

Consider a twelve string guitar. Strings tuned a semi tone apart. Bearing that in mind, now make a copy. Keep the parts small. Put them in separate tracks. Shift them a semi tone. Or be even more adventurous. Move them around the Stereo Stage, play with volumes, (Something else I can’t do here) and you’ll sound like Paul Simon. Sometimes. Put other instruments on them. Learn about musical harmony this way.

Wish I had the tools to demonstrate properly, but you can do it.

Note: Don’t trust music teachers or D. J’s. They are paid to lie to you.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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