Our Police Force. Waste Of Space

Our Police Force. Waste Of Space:

In Britain new recruits to the police are compromised with photo’s and a prostitute within weeks. The reason is because they would arrest the others if they didn’t. This is serious, and it means prostitutes run the police force, and the police run organised crime.

It is a sad fact of life in the U.K. that police live in hope of people like myself being killed by lone criminals. It is the way they are saved from embarrassment more often than not. In other words they leave it ’til criminals police for them. It’s an easy way to make money.

All the sirens rushing around is another farce that makes people think they work. Nothing could be further from the truth. A clear road to Bible John’s brothels.

Deaths such as mine run into millions of decent people over a few decades. We are the victims. We suffer pain that is beyond belief. Pain that criminals will never suffer ’til they are in hell. We suffer from the criminal activities of the G. Wilson’s and the A. Websters of this land. (The Christie’s, Chalmers, Simpson’s)

I have been under constant threat of death from them for decades while they waste the Cathedral community money.

In Christ I’ll live on. What will become of them? What will become of you?

Note of interest: The pound cannot continue as a stop gap after September 20th if the YES vote wins, as Salmon thinks. You will find that is impossible. Only between ourselves will it have value here. Decreasing every day.


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