Try This From God’s View Point

Try This From God’s View Point:

Sit down all the elements of a multi cultural society and lay down the rules and laws of a nation.

Let me just deal here with what people can, or cannot eat, for this purpose.

Imagine we are all sitting round a table on live TV discussing a single Church community, and the Asian community demand to be allowed to continue eating cats and dogs.

Africans demand to be allowed to eat parts of their dead friends to allow their spirits to leave the bodies. (I’d guarantee that at least one freezer with a thousand miles radius from here contains human flesh for eating)

People demand to eat an awful lot of different things as part of their culture.

I’d have to refer them to God’s words on the subject. “Ah,” they’d say, “but you eat pork, and if you eat pork then we eat , , ” Whatever.

I’d have to stop eating pork. The more I learn about life as it is, the more I appreciate God’s Words.

A single Church with God’s words is the only chance you have. God is adamant, in the Bible,  that a multi culture society cannot be policed.

I remind you that I have spoken with God myself, and met Yeshua Christ and Saint Peter many times. I need not concern myself. Our concern is only for all of you. A multi cultural society looks clean on the surface, but underneath it is pure destructive filth.


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