My Phone Won’t Work Any More

My Phone Won’t Work Any More: Yipeeeeeeeee.

I bought it years ago and only used the speak phone once.

Today I’m going to tell you the problem with Scotland and the Scots.

I have a knowledge of music and making music that is worth £millions (Or was years ago) if I’d had the right tools and support. In England I’d get the support. In Scotland people such as Heather Shiels and Nicola Munro want their money at the end of the week, but they want the English to earn it for them. So they gave the support to a waster. Money is not support, but it’s the only thing Scots understand as support.

It is the same with all Scots. Tell them you have a good idea, and they will laugh. Not listen to it, that would be too much like thinking. Just laugh.

In America people can use their brains. In China they can use their hands and their brains. In Scotland they scrounge as a way of life. Scottish ship builders waited for orders to come from abroad. When there were none they closed. Never occurs to a Scot to build his own ships. Good laugh that one.

They get quite rich by doing nothing. I do most of the work, but I don’t get rich, because they simply sit behind their desks and steal it. Don’t dare suggest to them that maybe they should do anything other than sit behind a desk or shop counter selling foreign goods and experience. That would mean getting dirty.

“Craft will prosper (Under the Beast)  and by his hand.”

They like craft here, because it means not having to think or work. Good laugh that.

Note: Heather and Nicola tell me they don’t know about this page, or music, so it’s safe to write this. Just don’t tell them.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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