‘Spanish Gold’ By David Acordingly

So You Ignore God Again!:

It’s as if you don’t believe that I have spoken with him.

It’s as if you don’t believe I’ve met Christ, and he calls me his friend.

It’s as if you don’t believe Simon Peter is my friend.

It’s as if you don’t believe a word written in the Bible. Old and new testaments.

It’s as if you want to go it alone for financial gain.

Book. ‘Spanish Gold’ By David Acordingly: (Poundland)

The British came from Europe not so long ago. A few thousand years at most. The people forgot that, and went bad.

This book, non-fiction, tells the story of just how bad the English became. I say English, because David seamlessly goes from the atrocious behaviour of the English in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries to the act of union in 1707, and then he says British, and we are just as bad.

Quite correct.

The kings sent out ships to steal millions and millions of pounds worth of Spanish Gold. It is the riches that formed the British establishment, and it is the riches that formed the present day BBC and the families they are mostly from. That money became the establishment BBC.

It is still the same today. They send the armed forces to steal, and pay their immense salaries. Not one of them earns the money they are paid. It is stolen wages.

Now according to the book of Daniel they are trying to divide our nation for gain. Not the English this time, but the same greed applies.

All the arguments are money. If money is all they want they could try earning it.

I like this book. It’s easy to read, and though I’ve heard the stories, most anyway, many times, it is still entertaining also. Taken from diaries, books and newspaper articles written by the people who sailed the ships.


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