The Live Debate Is Over. I Await The Result

The Live Debate Is Over. I Await The Result:

Whilst I do, just let me say that I have never heard such foolish reasons for going to war as I’ve just heard.

They speak of mistakes of the past as a means to condemn the opposition, who led the nation into war last time, and America.

A Douglas Alexander talked of religion and the muslim faith as if it was not to blame in itself, which if he knew anything at all about religion he’d know is not the truth. They are to blame. Thinking they are a real friendly group in the U.K. actually. Not a chance. They’d behead him in an instant. Any of them. (Unless he’s one of them?) They speak of Iraq as if it can be saved by supporting one group or another, when in fact all they will do if they do this is make matters ten times worse for future.

There is absolutely no understanding in the parliament of the situation in the middle east, at all. It is far worse than anything they mention.


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