The Procedure In Babylon

The Procedure In Babylon:

This according to Bible Scriptures.

Every armed nation must camp around Iraq and stifle it into submission.

Every armed nation should have at their disposal, if possible, 3 to 6 armed planes. Not much to suggest to so many willing nations.

Every nation should be diligent.

Every nation should come to realise that Babylon cannot be healed.

Every nation should then proceed to Israel and declare, Gordon was right all along, God is with you the Jewish people.

Now Scotland following the referendum:

“To him will not be given the glory of the kingdom, but he will stand up by flatteries and take the kingdom anyway, with a small number.”

Stop this nonsense SNP and Salmon, before you get the entire nation wiped. The SNP should be disbanded, now, to save you all.

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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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