Are Politics In The UK Becoming Dangerous?

Are Politics In The UK Becoming Dangerous?:


The reason for extremism in any nation is always going to be a backlash against the failings of law and order. A fact we can’t escape.

People can think it is immigration or anything else they can invent for their troubles, but the long and the short of it is that if there are no laws protecting the workforce and the infirm, then trouble will ensue. And let’s face it, law and order in Britain does not exist, except to protect the criminals and the poofs.

The only laws that can do this are the laws of the Bible applied through the courts. Also through government. Ignore this at your peril.

On this Bible in my right hand “I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.”

The koran teaches lying in God’s name. So it is worthless for law purposes. (Worthless full stop. It is nothing but trouble for God)

Justice has to be SEEN to be done, and without a Bible and a single Church, I don’t see it happen. Multi culturalism is never going to succeed, but this is due to the lack of strong government. Not immigration.

Legalizing gays and lesbians will drive a wedge between politicians that WILL lead to extremism if such crazy laws are not reversed. It’s true I’d never vote in an election.

Just a few very public hangings would empty the prisons and send the young back to working. Teach poofs that lust can be overcome in the mind.

I am reminded of the Monk, (Saint?) who, when he thought of a woman, immediately jumped into a thorny bush.

For thorny bush substitute a  hanging, and then the threat of more. You’d be amazed how they’d reform.

It will probably take the resurrection to bring all this about.

Note: Previous post. Perhaps the SNP could take a few votes, if they continue, that other extremists might otherwise have.


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