Insurance, And Why God Will Never Accept It

Insurance, And Why God Will Never Accept It: (Neither would I)

Insurance companies have to pay out 20 to 30 percent of what they take in Annually. Most companies have an exact figure that sets a target they must reach.


Simply, because if there was no reason to insure, you would never buy insurance. How many of you know that insurance companies conduct polls on areas that have little claims, and then the crime rate in that area soars?

Coming to the end of a financial year then, and an insurance company has fallen short on paying out on claims they are by no means above creating a few. It is good for business. It is essential for business.

This is why the police don’t stop thieves once and for all, and send them out to work. (See Below)

This is why the local fence for stolen goods  is always in the employ of the police force. Always. Some things are allowed to be traded on and set off against insurance, and some things are not. Some one else trying to fence stolen goods would be inside prison within five minutes. This ensures that the thieves continue to steal.

This is why firemen are paid for burning things. Don’t try telling us they are not, because they are. If you think that arrested fireman was the only one, think again. They all do it. Try getting a job with them and you’ll see that it requires them to accept you. No chance.

Insurance companies are, almost, the only investors in the City Of London stock exchange. They are the one’s who decide if you work in a job, or if you work for them in crime. When a BBC presenter announces the FTSE one hundred index price at the end of every day, they know that it is crime that adjusts it.


They do not want you working, except in shops or housing repairs. Fact. They stop you with red tape such as health and safety.

The knock on effects are enormous, and they all add up to profits for insurance companies.

This, by the way, is why many nations are communist.

This is why the Bible says insurance is evil.


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