Ebola. Another British Establishment Invention?

Ebola. Another British Establishment Invention?:

You’ll notice that American anti biotics work better than British, except when a few Americans can be persuaded by the BBC to say and do otherwise. They even fake American (Foreign) accents on radio to put words in pseudo mouths for their own purposes concerning many subjects. Not our purposes though.

If this is a desperate effort to prevent illegal immigration from black nations, then let me tell you that neither God or myself could tolerate the lie. It benefits a few perhaps, but not the common man. As all lies benefit a few and destroy others. 

The flesh eating infection spread on my legs (Firstly by G. McGregor) on a bus by the black muslim from Garmouth with sponges on his fingers is a weapon of war. He is at war with Christians, because the koran tells him to be. We were not at war with them. There are few of us left to complain. He attacked me for being a Christian.

Stick with the truth please. We cannot let them see how evil they are if YOU are as bad as them.

Reminds me of a child who said he was going to throw a stone he had at a man, because his dad said the person was a bad man. He was told that he might be innocent himself , as yet, but if he threw the stone and hit him he’s be in jail next day. No longer innocent. That story is actually true. I witnessed it myself. It was not a bad man either. Far from it. Which is more than can be said for the dad.


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