Another Abused Child Will Die?

Another Abused Child Will Die?

Very likely. The problem. Too many people care more about dogs, because it’s safer.

Why is it that if a man falls on the street we all pass him by? Or in my case I give him a kick, just to see if he’s drunk, or faking.

Only kidding, but I will not stop and help on a busy street.

It is not our responsibility, and to interfere is often to prevent those responsible from helping sooner.

It is a fact that if we come across someone fallen on a side street or a country lane we will not pass them by. None of us will. It is our responsiblity then, and we instinctively know it.

Why don’t people help a child that is obviously being battered because it is speaking out about it’s parents drug taking / dealing / prostitution?

Because you are all too sick in my opinion. Though officially it’s because you’re all too scared of the repercussions. You watch them being killed, and then you start opening your mouths to condemn the bullies. Oh so loud and brave you are then.

How I survived my own childhood I will never know. The beatings I took were beyond belief. Been there seen it. Felt it too.

Only St. Peter’s, God’s and Christ’s intervention kept me alive. Sometimes even had to revive me for todays purposes. Though why I bother I don’t know.

If the occasional Summer passes as did Danielle none of you will give a damn probably.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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