Book ‘Passing Strange’ By Martha A. Sandweiss

Book ‘Passing Strange’ By Martha A. Sandweiss: £1 from Poundland.

American history book: Passing Strange.

I’m still reading this true account of a Yale educated Geologist who lived and worked at the very top of his profession, but led a double life.

If you want to know roughly the story of Bible John, and how so many other psychopaths behave, then this book is a must read. It is not a novel.

Martha Sandweiss does not make the connection, unless she makes it later in the book, but I do.

The story is about Clarence King, who surveyed the, then, wild west of America, on behalf of his government, for minerals and the building of the railways. He could talk with presidents or barmaids. Upper class society, or uneducated servants, with ease.

His documented views on women of high breeding in conversation made me laugh this morning. “They are either fussing over a new dress, or have just been fitted.” Is but one observation he makes. The link above will tell you more, but don’t go thinking of such a person as a Hero worthy of worshipping. Such people are dangerous to extreme.


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