Buckie Small Shops. Any Small Shops

Buckie Small Shops. Any Small Shops:

I went into a shop in Buckie, (West High Street) recently.

I went in to buy a strip light starter, after having tried several other small shops.

As usual, by the time I got there they had MY ONE sitting on the counter. I didn’t want that one, so asked for another, the assistant went and got one, despite my saying I’d get it myself.

She now had two on the counter, and when I asked her which was the one she’d just taken off the shelf she said this one. Very unlikely.

I paid for it, took it outside and threw it in her whisky barrel.


Remember in Buckie EMI had a lighting factory where the staff had to sign the official secrets act, because light fittings had listening bugs in them.

Could this happen in Tesco? Or any superstore? In places like Buckie they’d choose your apple and orange for you.

Not on. This is why we like the superstores, and why the current and past owners of small shops should be brought to court for discrimination against everyone they don’t approve of. This is where whores thrive, and thieves can spend there loot. Every single small shop owner was a customer of my mother’s for example. Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. She got served anywhere.

I still do not. Except where everybody is the same. Superstores.

Note: I count Lidl and Aldi as no more than small corner shops.

Note also: I had to go to Inverness for a light fitting, and it cost me just going there – – – —


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