Corruption In Authority

Corruption In Authority:

In China the Library and council staff would be rounded up and rightly shot for the way they have treated me.

They think it’s funny. They don’t see it as corruption, because it is normal here. It is not funny. It is theft and abuse, and so much more.

Bob Geldof said on Radio 4 after the news last night, that the arrogance of the authorities in his home city, while he was standing in their dole queue, inspired him to hate them enough to take up song writing. I know the feeling Bob.

Could an enquiry into my case ever be held in the UK?

Not a chance I’m afraid, as I am probably the only one here who is not corrupt in any way, who but myself could, or even would, conduct one?

Another point while I’m on my soap box. How many Doctors in Grampian should be jailed for twenty two years for abusing children?

Nearly, if not actually, every one. It’s about all they do. I could supply enough evidence to hang most of them myself.


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