‘The Sanctuary’ By Raymond Khoury

‘The Sanctuary’ By Raymond Khoury:

I enjoyed this book The Sanctuary just recently. Just finished it in fact.

I guess this next part, concerning the book, is why they hate me somewhat. It tells a little about the history of the medicines prescribed to people such as you by your doctors every day.

The Greeks began it all when they tried to find the elixir of life. Their alchemists ‘invented’ for want of a better word, potions, and tried them out on people. What they discovered instead were a great many poisons.

Following the fall of the Greek empire many of their poisons were thought lost, until the Arabs revived them again as they spread out over the middle east.

They took those poisons to a new level. They refined them. (Still do) They found poisons to affect the liver. Others to affect the bowels, kidneys, heart, inducing heart attacks, blood, flesh, brain and every part of the human body.

They discovered that they could spread their religion, and control the various populations they invaded, by making people ill, while at the same time ‘controlling the severity’ of the illness.

The medicines you are prescribed every day now are in fact poisons.

This is well known in the N.H.S. as any nurse will tell you they are taught the origins of medicines. What they are not taught is where it says in the Koran that only muslims must survive.


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