What They Did

What They Did:

They smashed my windows a thousand times or more.

They fixed my own computer to work against me.

They (The Council) placed electronic gadgets in my house to bring teenagers to smash everything.

One of the worst things they did was when fitting a new bath in my house they asked my waist size. I was 42″ then. I measured the bath this morning (10.12.14 Insertion) 20″ at the top, tapering down to 16″ at the rounded bottom. Cant stand in it with wet feet even, because of the rounded bottom, it is not possible. Needless to say I’ve never been in it. 15 years or more without a bath or shower.

They rented me a sound studio in Elgin Library that was deliberately not working.

They destroyed my work.

They stole my work.

They hated Christ.

They hated Saint Peter.

They Tried to kill me.

They pumped gas repeatedly into my home as Germans did to Jews.

They’ve reduced my legs to pulp.

They refuse to support the words in the Holy Bible.

They undermined our religion.

And a thousand other things as well, since I was in Primary School.

Now ask yourselves why God and I don’t trust them?


About gdicm

At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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