Di(e) A Bet(e)s Is A Result Of Public Transport

Di(e) A Bet(e)s Is A Result Of Public Transport:

I myself do not have diabetes, but when I die soon they will have to write something on the death certificate. I wonder what?

It should say ”we killed him, and many more, because we are pure evil.”

The population of Scotland is few.

Many pensioners are dying from travel.

Take a three hour bus journey for example. In order to make the journey, at least four hours fluid intake preparation is required. Add a forty minute delay, and then another journey to get to your destination.

How could this do other than kill you?

I’m surprised every driver now is not dying as well a bets.

Deliberate? Yes I’m afraid it certainly looks to be.

I was in Inverness yesterday, and the bus home never came. The (11) took me to Nairn, where I abandoned ship and caught the next (10) in just a short while, that took me home, nearly. (Just as well I had little shopping, because the earlier bus should have connected with my local (34) service to my door.

Also: All Stagecoach buses are past their use by date, and very, very dangerous. A proper traffic inspection would force them all off the road.

Bearings need changing on all. Steering is loose on most. I dread to think what shackle pins are like. Several are breaking down every week. Engines are seizing solid. Gear boxes are grinding. Windscreens are often cracked.


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