muslims Have To Change Their Religion

muslims Have To Change Their Religion:

muslims are beginning to understand that God will not accept them. They must become as Jews through Christ. They must become Christians. This is why they are getting desperate.

How much damage will be done in the meantime?

Hurting others is not the way to God’s heart.

God hates even what has been done to me. Consider then the enormity of the muslim crime. Add to it as well the crime of another twenty odd thousand Satanic religions like Buddhism, and you begin to understand the problem as God sees it.

He spells it out well enough in the Holy Bible.

In the end I should think it makes judgement day easier for him, but the end against the means ? ? His problem though.

The koran was taken from the Jewish Bible, and therefore any good points in it are from the Bible.

However the Bible as I know it goes much farther than the koran, with law and ruling, and good behavior. Although it requires a single social Church to implement the social laws. muslims think they know how to apply God’s laws better than us, but they don’t.

Peace is the way to God’s heart. Faith Hope and Charity the means. Through our Lord Yeshua Christ. Amen.

“Once in Royal David’s city, stood a lowly cattle shed. Where a mother laid her baby, in a manger for his bed. Mary was that mother mild. Yeshua Christ her little child.”

It’s Christmas time. Hooray.


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