We Must I’m Afraid. No Alternative

We Must I’m Afraid. No Alternative:

Israel want to declare Israel as a Jewish nation, thus bringing it under God’s scriptural law, and rightly so. Objections from all trouble making muslims, or others, should be totally ignored.

This sums up what God has ordered me to do in the U.K. also.

A simple act of parliament declaring Britain as a Christian nation, with compulsory membership of a single Christian Church based on the Jewish Scriptures as given to the Jewish people by God, and extended to us by his son Yeshua Christ. Not based on the stolen scriptures from the dead sea scrolls deliberately mis-interpreted by the thief / thieves who took them and used them for the Dragon’s doctrine of deliberately misleading the nations.

The leadership of the Church will make it a labour of love to define the Church rules. They do know them at the moment, but dare not apply them.

The CNN video


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