They Don’t Take The Koran Seriously?

They Don’t Take The Koran Seriously?:

You say “The koran tells you to hate Jews and Christians, and tell lies.”

They say “only if you were to take it seriously.”

They take it seriously, or they’d throw it in the bin.

By the time they are 5 years old they are programmed.

If they just stopped to think about it, they’d know the book is a lie designed to undermine God’s law.

Throw it in the bin. Or admit that every muslim takes it seriously. In which case it’s banned.

Taking it seriously are all muslim preachers, teachers, parents, sons, daughters, doctors, dentists, police, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and all the rest.

Admit it is designed to create hate. Realise it must be binned. Before it’s too late.

And what is this nonsense called islamaphobic? At nations level it is defence. Defence against the lie it’s not taken seriously. Admit that nations have to defend against the lie with no recourse to ban while the lie is continued, until the next strike.

13.01.15 Insert:

muslims have condemned the terrorists amongst them.

They’ve only done so because it is pointing at them. High fliers in any western muslim community, especially the health services, kill more Christians and Jews per hour than the terrorists could kill in years. Terrorists don’t help keep their activities secret.


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