So What Now With All Religion?

So What Now With All Religion?:

muslims have the idea that only they can survive, and must kill all the others. Their koran says so.

The Holy Bible says that when Yeshua returns he will demand that all nations become as Jews through him. (Christianity)

So who is telling the truth?

muslims would, if they could, round up everyone on the planet who is not muslim, and shoot them. The koran tells them to.

Christ is a lot more diplomatic then. Rather obviously. I can’t imagine any nations defying him in his glorious presence here. After all what will be the point. Everything to be gained, without any loss. Except a bit of pride.

A letter to the muslim communities in Britain, which has been fully supported by P.M. David Cameron, is the first step to ending muslims believing they must kill the rest of us. It’s a simple adjustment to their doctrine, which could lead to a single friendly Church.

It is at this point that I must tell you again that I have truly met Yeshua Christ many times. Saint Peter, more times, and spoken with, though I’ve never met, Our creator. Our Father which art in heaven.

They told me that muhammad lied through his teeth, and what to research. We now can be sure he took his ‘Words From God’ from the dead sea scrolls, (As they did for the Book Of Mormon) and corrupted them for his people, the arabs. God never spoke to him.

This work I do, for you, is no heavy burden. I am fully trained for it from birth. My leprosy makes me tired and weary, but I think your deaf ears has more to do with that than anything. Continue with your indifference to the enormity of the problem facing you, and you could see war on the streets, and still you’d be ignorant enough to ask yourselves, WHY?

I have no special privileges from heaven for myself. I leave the miracles to the beast and the false prophet. Though a little self preservation may help Goddie. (I used to call him that when I was younger)


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