Wealthy Corporations Are Killing You

Wealthy Corporations Are Killing You:

No matter what job you do, you are likely working for the Apple Corporation.

In a round about way they now control everything. Every retail outlet, large or small is dependant on them. Every work place and factory.

Or some other large corporation. Probably they own that as well.

I hope they are all headquartered in Babylon city.

The Performers Rights Society as well.

I bought a new Laptop, and discovered that Microsoft software no longer supports midi play back and recording at the same time. A problem that is causing the Cakewalk software makers problems also, according to their web videos.

It was the Performers Rights Society, who claim to be legal, but in fact are totally illegal, who demanded it be removed I’m assured.

They are irresponsibly stifling all creativity in all aspects of the work place. No one can work at any job without their permission. You think seriously about the knock on effects of their influence, and you will understand that millions of jobs on earth have been lost due to their greed. Millions of us are starving, because they dictate terms for us to work and eat. Things such as vegetarianism are killing farming and fishing, and they spread it around like a disease.

Oh for a fresh vegetable with a slab of fresh meat! Or even a holiday in the sun to recharge the batteries. The cost of a partner (Wife) is totally out with our means also. They’ve stolen our lives, and even stolen most of your souls.

While they spread their Gay filth, and other  music laden filth, such as drug taking and promoting, around the night clubs, shops, factories, libraries (I always demand that Elton John and Co. are not played in Morayshire shops or restaurants. Only Gays play them now, but there is more to it than Gays) and excite and pervert youths, we who can stop the perversions are prevented from doing so by laws they simply make up and apply illegally on a whim. (Is John Lennon still alive?)

Many people, including God, are demanding that those corporations be killed off. Dead.

“Rarely will a rich man enter the kingdom of God.” No wonder.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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