Still To Solve The Problem Of P.C. Recording

Still To Solve The Problem Of P.C. Recording:

It’s fine on the Cakewalk software, but how to get it off? Cakewalk advises you to take it all to a ‘Big Recording Studio’ for finishing. So you understand how desperate they have become. What else can they suggest?

If you consider that in the 1970’s – 80’s the Performers Rights Society was run by, amongst others, Elton John (Biggest Earner as well at that time) and Paul Gad, you begin to see the reason why so many of your decent teenagers have given up on life and committed suicide.

What hope for the Christian or Jewish Churches with them in charge of what is played on the likes of Moray Firth Radio? They, MFR, truly are in danger of going in the bottomless pit with the devil.

muslims like to promote evil, because they are an evil doctrine, for the good of only them. Anything that undermines Jews and Christians is what they use. Music, drugs, Gays, Lesbians, Etc.

It is confirmed: It was the Performers Rights Society (illegal organization, who claim to be legal) who ordered councils, colleges, and Microsoft to remove the recording facilities from their computers. This one, for example has the software, but other software supplied by the P.R.S. has disabled it.

P.R.S., personnel, including performers and Radio presenters, have to be Gay, or openly promote homosexuality, and publicly accept Gays. They haven’t a chance on judgement day.


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