Gordon’s Scratching His Chips

Gordon’s Scratching His Chips:

I bought a new ‘Russell Hobbs Fryer’ (Chip Pan) from Tesco yesterday, and took it home and used it.

It has no timer. Scratch, scratch.

I looked at it in amazement.

What Moira, at Tesco, should have sold me was a kitchen timer and a litre of oil, and told me to use my pans like I used to do. ‘Til I burned my kitchen, like most single people have)

No timer with no memory means danger. Russell Hobbs should be fined a lot of money (And the money given to someone with some sense) for being stupid enough to make such a useless and pointless device. Not just for the useless and pointless device, but for ruining British industry to the degree of international ridicule. Making us look like fools.

It claims to have adjustable heat control. Not as much as my cooker.

Ed Says: “At least you still have the old one Gordon.”

Gordon says: “Just as well Ed.”


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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