Will Ye Go And Marry Katie?

Will Ye Go And Marry Katie?:

I recorded the vocals yesterday. Or more precisely finished them yesterday. Haven’t downloaded a mix yet. The quality loss is really too much, but I suppose I have no choice. The quality is high. (Mainly due to me getting used to Cakewalk software) I listened about thirty times last night as I worked.

Been searching Realtec audio sites for clues as to how to play back and record on P.C. also, and although they made the Real HD Audio on the original Microsoft computers, which did that easy, even they give no clues.

Money money money. Gdicm is not in the business of making money, except for Cathedral and Religion rebuilding. (A holiday would be nice though)

Gdicm is an’ austere preacher. Monk like. Too poor too ever get married. I’ve never understood people marrying in poverty with no prospects. When her dad looks at you young men, and asks what you think your prospects and security might be, you’d better have a damned good answer, or find the door out.  

The song is one from an 1800’s song book by a collector of ballads, and is probably late 1700’s early 1800’s. It’s a fine piece of preaching. Coming soon. Arrangement Gdicm.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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