How Often Am I Wrong?

How Often Am I Wrong?:

Seldom, if ever.

However, like any good journalist would tell you, organised criminals will rarely admit to being criminals individually. They will tell you I am always wrong. Collectively they rely on their collective lies to keep them in the money, and free of justice. The truth is not in them.

Like my friend Christ said, “You lie, like your master the devil, and he is the father of lying.” Or words to that effect.

Our local Church in Lhanbryde could point the finger at ALL the criminals in Morayshire, but they fear them. If they got together in an organised fashion with all the Churches they could hang them all.

A single Church is something every criminal fears. God’s word should be powerful enough to fear. However, even the Churches fear his power in that way. It would change the way they are run entirely.  

It’s a long story, and would take another lifetime to tell, but criminals truly believe they can muscle in on my music. I suspect the same one’s who stole the live music from me. Almost certainly, and that was enough money to build the Cathedral.  

We are reminded of Frank Sinatra and his early underworld problems. How many others?

My friends in heaven don’t allow me to go wrong. My work, which this is part of,  is too important to them.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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