Life Did Not Begin Again At 50 Simon

Life Did Not Begin Again At 50 Simon: (50, Garmouth Road)

Saint Peter promised me my life was to have a new beginning now. A massive turn for the better. In your dreams Simon.

Not going to happen. Why?

The degree of difficulty in overcoming organised criminals from the heavens end is too much.

Too many enemies to be dealt with from the heavens end of things. Including Satan, and his staff in this library. Too many people waiting to pounce on anything that looks like money. Too many others who think investment in their high street is a better investment than an investment in religion.

They are very misled. After all what can they invest in if it’s not just another shop or shops to sell the same foreign goods. City / Town centres will be deserted of shops soon. It just hasn’t sunk in that they are not required any more.

My quality of life has always been better than theirs, anyway: They would enjoy life more if they simply killed their health services. Dead. Only dogs and muslims get treatment at present.

Forget it Simon. You don’t have the power ? ? ?


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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