Sore Feet

Sore Feet:

The muslim fiction called the koran, which they invented for themselves and they know it, declares that they must remove the left legs of their enemies. (If they can’t find an excuse to kill them)

An invention of their own of course. An invention they inflict in secret and call the will of Allah. Cowardly, like Satan, their master.  

What troubles me is that anyone else reading this will probably think I’m making it up? That is a serious omission on the part of Christians. The way to die as fools die, is to ignore them. It is a fact.

They will never ignore you until they are totally aware that Mecca is dead. Until then, you, are all dead.

There is no religion without Yeshua Christ the son of the true living God. Legs, or no legs.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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