A Bogey Man

A Bogey Man: (A Very Bad Man)

This is one of the most prolific paedophiles in Britain. You will find him anywhere there are children. Every Day. Always. (The woman with him is simply boarding her bus. Not part of this post)

A Bogey Man

I’d guess that dozens of children have had to die because they identified him and his friends over the decades they’ve terrorised my young friends.

Part of a ring that includes NHS doctors and nurses and many others, who do the killing, although they used to drown them long ago.

A single Church might of offered an amnesty to people such as him, until they put together new rules from the Holy Scriptures.

On Christ’s return there will be no amnesty. He will simply say you all had your chances, and refused to take them.

Police who try to arrest people like him die. Their lawyers stall for the time it takes the NHS to kill them and all the witnesses. Always.

They take their excuse, as Joseph Lenin did, from muhammad, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud. Very, very Bad Men.


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