Instinct To Kill Is A Legal Defence Now

Instinct To Kill Is A Legal Defence Now:

Brute beasts rule now. If the instinct to abuse children, or be a homosexual, is an excuse to become a politician, or legalize same sex marriages, then it stands to reason that the instinct to kill, which just must be followed by some (Especially The Young) to a conclusion, must be a legal defence.

“You are better than brute beasts.” God said “So act like it.”

God’s laws make sense. Legalizing same sex relationships and marriage, and then paedophilia, as will happen soon, does not make sense.

We could correctly argue that Elton John and Peter Thatchel are solely responsible for every prisoner in every jail on earth being there. There were few before them. Every murder committed is because they can’t show personal restraint and live like us humans. Their obsession with being brute beasts has cost this planet dearly in human souls. Not to mention human lives. The odd case before they came on the scene was always quickly dealt with by God’s law.

If you don’t understand this post, and it’s relevance in terms of the difference between imposing control on those who would be beasts to save those who would follow them to hell, and the impact on others, then you are brute beasts yourselves. Like your politicians are now.

Our father which art in heaven, give us a Church to stop the killing, by using your laws as they should be used.


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