Put David Cameron In A Mental Hospital

Put David Cameron In A Mental Hospital: (Or Prison)

When our communities turn against the young they collectively hound them with smiles on their faces. Everywhere they go they get politely sent off with nothing.

The frustration builds, as it is meant to, and sooner or later, always, they will flip for a moment, make a remark out of place, and bang they’re in and out of prison or other institutions for the rest of their lives, because the police are awaiting the call. Millions of them over the years have become fodder for their money system.

David Cameron, the poof, went to Europe to seek support for changes to European Union policy, or whatever it is he wants to change to suit the British, and only the British. Probably control, as the British Establishment don’t like Germans having so much power.

The German Chancellor said nothing in Europe requires changing, but if it did it would be possible to change it.

As usual, just like the scum they are, the British pounced on that single word. ‘POSSIBLE’. Watch the BBC go go go with it.

Now just you watch them do to the other members of Europe, from an opening of just that one word, what they have been doing to their betters in Britain for centuries. They will use it to turn things around to their own benefit.

Don’t let them.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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