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The Who Killing The Who

The Who Killing The Who: A busker, not the one shown below, claimed that if he was made to stop begging, and begging is what they are doing, he’d die. I said “Get a job.” Ed says “Could have mine … Continue reading

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Misc. Two

Misc. Two:

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‘There Should Be Something’

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Apples And Rowan Berries

Apples And Rowan Berries: Rowan berries are used in jam to jelly it. However they have to be frozen first, or they are poisonous. It is the acid that changes under freezing. I don’t know the details. I dare say … Continue reading

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End It Now God

End It Now God: Isaiah 14: Lucifer was created in Assyriah. (Northern Iraq, Part of Turkey, and Syria. Where ISIS are trying to defend his means of undermining God’s kingdom just now. Make sure they fail) 12 How you have … Continue reading

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Can’t Walk

Can’t Walk: I’ve come to Elgin Library today for the first time since my legs grew so bad I can’t walk. The wounds are hitting nerves in both legs. I had to take pain killers just to get here. (I … Continue reading

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End This muslim Farce

End This muslim Farce: Come on governments of the world, all you have to do is read the koran and the book of mormon to prove that they were both sourced from the dead sea scrolls, and the bits about … Continue reading

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Auld Lang Syne

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