Can’t Walk

Can’t Walk:

I’ve come to Elgin Library today for the first time since my legs grew so bad I can’t walk. The wounds are hitting nerves in both legs. I had to take pain killers just to get here. (I even have to take them to lie in bed) It’s actually easier (much) to get on a bus and go to Inverness and use their Library, because it’s at the bus station.

They have decided to kill me.

It appears that I was accused of something I never heard of, didn’t know I’d been accused of, and finally totally cleared of without any knowledge by me. In order to make it right, they’ve decided to kill me.

This is logic Scotland style. You see, making it right only means making it right for the security services, the two governments, Scotland and Enlgish, the various Churches, and the important people who falsely accuse everyone and get away with it because their victims usually die.

Now just ask yourselves why Christ and Simon Peter and many more of my friends in heaven have shown themselves to me, and only me, so far? It’s because I am skilled beyond any man in many fields, including religion, and shunning the devil, and tough as they come. My God given purpose is to make it right for everyone.

Catherdal. Single Church.

P.S. Kids: Starbucks (Elgin) have copies of both my albums. Demand to hear them. Maybe they’ll produce and promote them for the Cathedral.

God said he hates the people who have hurt me. Though he doesn’t hate as a rule. I’m beginning to see why he does.

What was I falsely accused of? You’d have to ask them that, though I doubt they’ll admit it.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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