Apples And Rowan Berries

Apples And Rowan Berries:

Rowan berries are used in jam to jelly it. However they have to be frozen first, or they are poisonous. It is the acid that changes under freezing. I don’t know the details. I dare say you could look it up on the internet, or any good jam making book. It is the apples that concern me here.

Know someone who has diabetes?

Then you know someone who does not eat fresh apples. The inability to eat fresh apples is a disease brought about mainly by corrupt dentists. Not always though. Some people think that an apple is an apple no matter what way it is prepared. It is not. Like the rowan berry it changes as soon as it is wrongly prepared. (Wrongly in terms of serving the purpose of removing toxins from the blood)

In the case of the apple, the essential acid must stay in the apple. The apple must be fresh for it to work.

If you suffer from water retention (Your lower lip will protrude. Sure sign of water retention, and toxins gathering in the blood stream, which prevent the body from producing insulin)

I desperately need fresh apples right now. I had to pull another two teeth last week, making eating a fresh apple impossible? I’ve had difficulty for years. Do you know an elderly person who can eat a fresh apple? Few of us toothless creatures can.

I have been trying to come up with an answer to this problem for some time. Even thought super stores should be made by law to supply crushed apples in small tubs from diced apple crushed in the processor. However, because it must be fresh, this may be difficult to maintain. Unless they had several, and changed them daily. Like slush?

However: I went into Elgin Poundland today, and amongst other things, I bought a new food grater.

Maybe your granddad could use one. An apple a day really is effective. (Two a week is enough for him)

Don’t cut your fingers. You’d need a doctor. God forbid.

P.S. How many doctors would believe just how few apples some of their patients eat? They live in another world from the rest of us, and there is no money in finding out.

P.P.S. Like most of you, I enjoy apples in food in a great many forms and preperations, (Dozens) but they have no medicinal worth if they are not fresh. Or if they have it’s a different worth.


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Gordon Davidson, I Care Music. (Gdicm) At present I am disabled. I have met Christ, and Saint Peter, and others and have been given a job to do by them. Party political democracy will never be a success for decent people anywhere. It empowers criminals, whose votes politicians need, and gives those criminals powers they should never have. It has brought transgressors to the forefront of every society. It could do nothing else if their votes are needed. Law and order is Bible preached self discipline, which no longer exists in the average person. For example: Would Gays or Lesbians be legal if politicians did not require their votes? No. Would it harm them to not be Gay? No. Only a single compulsory Christian Church can bring about fair equality. Let me build a proper religion, starting around Elgin Cathedral, Morayshire Scotland. Let democracy be done by the Church using God's laws as the guide. Gdicm music is on various streaming services.
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